Robin Keijzer



I'm Robin and I am currently working as an international freelance artist. Nice to meet you!

As you might have noticed, I make art for games, comics and illustrate for various other products. But this portfolio here is just a limited overview of my work. More recent updates can be found on my blog @

// My background

After finishing both law school & art school, I started working in the games industry. The first 5 years I worked for a medium sized game company as concept artist and art director and managed over 30 artists. Here I’ve made artwork for various console games and have developed several game-concepts myself, like for example Fairytale Fights (ps3/xbox360) & PomPom Party (ps2). During this time I got very familiar with the production process of games, the needs of an art team and the expectations of 3rd parties like a publisher, outsource companies, press and the game’s audience.

Shortly after finishing Fairytale Fights, I left the studio and started to develop my own projects. By now I have released various comics and I am currently working on 2 games.

Meanwhile I enjoy doing creative freelance work. If you like to work with me, feel free to contact me!


Please visit my blog for more information:

My complete resume can be found here:


  • Illustration
  • Comic art
  • Concept art
  • Art Direction